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First Outing – Sheringham Heath duck pond

I woke up this morning and found a beautiful sky outside so I grabbed my camera and headed down to one of my favourite places to walk the dog that I knew would have some water to reflect the sky. Photos were taken on Canon 80d with the Sigma 10-20mm and the Canon 50mm.

These are some of my favourite photos I captured.

I shot all of the photos hand held with a range of shutter speeds and aperture settings. I shot with aperture priority so that I had more control over the depth of field.

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Second Outing – Sheringham Woods

I ventured into Sheringham woods as I walked home from the school run. I headed for another of my favourite dog walks as I knew there was a body of water that I thought would give a good reflection of the trees surrounding. I only used my Sigma 10-20 Lens on the day as it started to snow and I had no shelter to swap it for the Canon 50mm but I am happy with the results.

These are some of the best from the day.

All shots were taken handheld with the Sigma lens, to get as much into the photo as possible.

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Third Outing – Night Photography

We had a supermoon last night so I planned to go and get some photos of the moon in reflections. This didn’t really go to plan as the sky clouded over fairly soon after I left my house. Determined not to waste my time with the camera I headed to a few spots in Sheringham that I thought would be good to try and get some light trail photos and then headed into town in search of some reflections. I found this outing a lot of fun because light trail photos have always intrigued me but I had never really experimented with it before. It was challenging to get the exposures correct but I am happy with a few of the photos and had fun taking them.

All shots were taken on a small tripod with the aperture set as wide as possible to let as much light in as possible without having to raise the ISO. All of the shots were experimental in the length of the exposure as I had never tried this technique before and I wasn’t sure how they were going to come out.

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Fourth Outing – Getting the Aerial Shot

I had a clear idea of what I wanted the centre image of the 3×3 grid to be. I wanted to show an aerial shot of Sheringham with the other images surrounding it. I think the quality of the camera on my drone lets the image down but for the purpose of this exercise, I am happy as it will only be a small part of the final image.

Edit: I decided not to use any of these images in my final set as I felt they didn’t fit with what I was trying to achieve.

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Fifth Outing – Sheringham Sunrise

I had one last image in my head that I wanted to capture. The boating lake is instantly recognizable to those that have visited Sheringham and I had previously managed to get a photo of it with the Northern Lights behind. On this occasion, I wanted to capture the sunrise sky in the reflection of the water. Although I am very happy with the result, I wish I had gotten there earlier so that I could have used a slower shutter speed. On my previous photo of the boating lake I didn’t have access to the Sigma 10-20 or the Canon 50mm that I now use so it was nice to revisit with these new lenses. I also spent some time taking photos of Sheringham along the beach and was particularly proud of the train photo with the reflection of the sky in the windows.

Most of the photos were taken handheld, except the boating lake that was taken on a tripod as I needed to have the shutter open for a longer time than the other. It was interesting to revisit the boating lake with the use of a wider lens as it allowed me to compose the image exactly as I wanted it.

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