I have spent some time looking at the recommended websites for this assignment and my first thoughts were that I have no real idea how to look at these images and what makes them art. As part of my job and interest in photography, I spend time on Instagram, following various photographers building up an understanding of what I personally like from a photo and what seems to do well in regards to likes and comments. With that being said I have enjoyed exploring the world of art photography and enjoyed the work of these photographers. However to further my learning and understanding I am going to research and read up on photography as contemporary art.


Keith Arnatt

Self-Burial (Television Interference Project) 1969 © Keith Arnatt Estate


The layout of the series of photos captures my interest immediately it resonates with me because I often try to keep my Instagram feed in a series.  McKinnon, P (2017) suggests that images displayed in a grid series are more cohesive in their content resulting in greater engagement with the audience. I also found it interesting that each of these photos is a separate image rather than a single photo manipulated in many ways,

Tina Barney


With these photos I instantly noticed the conceptual  link between them and although I didn’t find the images particularly pleasing to look at I thought I would continue looking into Tina Barney and visited her own website http://www.tinabarney.com/  I still didn’t find the photos very appealing but I did appreciate the photos of people through different stages of there lives, their relationships with each other and an insight into her life.

Tom Hunter


I really enjoyed Tom Hunter’s photographs, especially the landscape images. They have a unique style of perspective and the use of colours is very striking. This is something I will keep in mind with my own photos particularly in relation to the affect of light on the scene.

Karen Knorr


I found Karen Knorrs Belgravia (1979 – 1981) series really interesting. The way text was used in conjunction with the images was the first thing I noticed and it helped to give a true context to the images and give a closer look at peoples lives depicting the classes of power within an area of London.


McKinnon, P. (2017) “Start CRUSHING your INSTAGRAM game!!”. Available at: https://youtu.be/n-89XlD2ZUg?t=4m49s. (Accessed: January 2018)

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