This was an interesting project for me because I have never thought of a camera as an instrument for measuring light, although it does seem fairly obvious when you think about it.

I also found the comment about the camera being hyperfunctional interesting as when I think about all the setting I can change on my camera let alone how big the user manual is, it all seems rather un nessasery.

The thought of turning the camera into auto mode was a strange one for me as I haven’t used full auto on a camera for the last 10 years, I tend to switch between the Aperture priority and Shutter priority depending on the situation and what I am trying to achieve.

Exercise 1.1

I ventured to the top of Beeston Bump to take my photos. From there you can see most of Sheringham and I thought it would be interesting to see how tiny changes like a car moving or a train passing through the scene would affect the histogram.



Although you can hardly see the differences in the photos you can see subtle differences displayed in the histogram as expected. One thing I wasn’t expecting was the camera used the same shutter and aperture setting for all three photos.


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