Having lived in Sheringham for 20 years I have never thought of the town as particularly inspiring for photography, which is most probably a ridiculous thought as it is a town with a lot of character and the common and heath are right on my doorstep. I presume this thought comes from having lived here so long that I assume I know the town and pass through it daily without actually taking the time to stop, look and notice my surroundings. When I first read through this brief I felt I was out of my depth, having no idea how to approach this without taking tourist photos and not feeling very inspired by the town I live in. After some time thinking I have decided to look at Sheringham in new ways that I perhaps have never seen before. Two elements of photography I haven’t really intentionally explored before is the way light affects the scene and how interesting reflection can be. So as I go out and take photos I will have these things in mind (I may end up using something completely different but I am looking forward to re-exploring a town that I thought I knew like the back of my hand.)

Edit 18/01/18

After seeing Keith Arnatt’s Self-Burial series of photos I have decided to build a series of images with an aerial photo displaying Sheringham in the centre of a 3×3 grid and various images depicting Sheringham in ways I haven’t seen before in photo.

Edit: 06/02/18

I was planning on only using interesting light photos or reflection photos but we had a snow day in Sheringham and that doesn’t happen very often so I thought I would take advantage of some of the photos I took.

Edit: 13/02/18

When I started to put the layout together I decided not to use the snow pictures as they didn’t fit with the series. These were some of my favourites.


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