When thinking about starting a learning blog I decided that it would be beneficial to introduce myself, my photography and reflect on how I have reached this point in my life and my career.
I live in Sheringham, on the North Norfolk coast, with my wife, our four boys and our German Shepherd, Lyra.
I have lived in Sheringham since 1998, when my parents moved to the town, and being only 12 years old I moved with them.  I met my wife Becky in the summer of 2003 at the local Sheringham church I attended and we married 3 years later. We still attend the church and our faith remains the central part of our lives.
We had our first son in 2007 and that’s where my interest in Photography started. I bought a Fuji HS10, mostly to take photos of my family, but found a love for using the camera to capture the world around me. However my trusty HS10 got wet at an Ed Sheeran concert at Thetford Forest and I used this opportunity to upgrade to a Nikon d3200, more recently I have also found a love for making videos and found the colour science in the Nikon lacking so I have upgraded again to the Canon 80d.
My experience with photography has been varied over the last 4-5 years. As much as I enjoy scenery photography, I also enjoy capturing friends and family during special events such as birthdays and weddings which led me to be asked to be the photographer at various weddings. I have also been an event photographer at several events in Sheringham linked to the carnival and the churches together events.
For the last 3 years, I have watched in wonder as my wife completed a degree in Childcare studies achieving a First,  which has inspired me to take my love and enjoyment of photography to a higher level, learning as much as i can about the subject. This led me to sign up for the degree the end of November.
When I received the pack and started reading through the information my first thoughts were “What have I done” and I have remained apprehensive to start this course as formal studying is completely outside my comfort zone. I have spent some time reading other students learning logs and It has helped me put reservations to rest and now feel ready to give this a go.
I will be spending some time over the next couple of weeks getting through the intro course and am looking forward to getting started with the square mile project.

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